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Smart Bioscience SB-PEPTIDE

Smart Bioscience SB-PEPTIDE - tebu-bio
SB-PEPTIDE is a one-stop-shop peptide company offering a wide range of catalog peptides for research applications (antigens, AMP, CPP, SIL, pools…) as well as custom peptide synthesis services and analytical services. SB-PEPTIDE is able to produce simple to highly complex peptides, individually or in libraries. Possible peptide modifications offered are almost endless: fluorescent labeling, biotinylation, isotope labeling, cyclization (disulfide bonds, amide bonds, CLIPS), KHL/BSA conjugations, phosphorylation, lipidation, glycosylation, branched peptides, salt exchange… In addition the company offers a unique 10-day express synthesis service for urgent projects. SB-PEPTIDE has gained strong expertise in peptides for more than 15 years with a major focus on delivering reliable peptides.

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