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tebu-bio provides Life Scientists with a complete solution for gene-specific silencing protocols:

- A large collection of shRNA clones
- Lentiviral Packaging Systems
- Lentiviral 293Ta packaging cell line
- Lentiviral Concentration Solution
- Lentiviral Titration Kits
- qPCR kits and primers...

Genecopoeia OmicsLink™ shRNA clone collections include lentiviral and non-viral vector-based shRNA constructs against genome-wide human, mouse and rat genes for robust gene silencing (70% gene expression knock-down guaranteed).

To help you choose your shRNA tools and expression vectors of interest, get in touch with tebu-bio's RNAi experts.

You'll be sure to make the right choice, and progress in your research relying on the best products & service.

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