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Sekisui Xenotech, LCC
SEKISUI - XenoTech is the leading provider of in vitro drug metabolism, Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) studies and in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes (enzyme Inhibition or Induction, Drug Metabolism, Drug Transport and Analytical Services...).

Xenotech deliver information recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) to predict inter-individual variation in safety and drug efficacy and to explain Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR): CYP / UGT Enzyme Inhibition, in vitro Enzyme Induction, ex vivo Enzyme Induction, Drug Transporters, Reaction Phenotyping, Metabolite ID, Species Comparison, Metabolic Stability, Covalent / Protein Binding, Anaytical Services (Bioanalysis)...

Web site: www.xenotech.com

Xenotech has appointed tebu-bio for many years as their unique distributor in Europe to assist Life Scientists in ADME-Tox studies. For advice on choosing your Xenotech's products, get in touch with your local tebu-bio office.

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