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302 blog articles

"Extraordinary" CAR T Cells eliminate cancer after stem cell transplant

Improvements in mRNA synthesis benefit to cell therapy

Screen for inhibitors of PD-1 signalling with a complete cellular assay system

Six new reporter cell lines for Immune checkpoint drug discovery

Tips for primary cell culture

Cell signaling isn t static your cell culture shouldn´t be either

Immunosurveillance: Crosstalk between cancer and immune cells

How to screen for inhibitors of PD-1 signalling in a cellular assay

Microcell arrays obtain more accurate data from single living cells

CTLA-4 discovery in dendritic cells a new role in Cancer Immunotherapy?

Cellular models to study the cardiac System (part I)

3 new types of Gastrointestinal (GI) Epithelial primary cells

Cancer Immunotherapy: Generate your PD-L1 target cell line

Case study: 3D Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity in vitro Assessment

Fluorescence microscopy: how to improve your Live Cell Imaging

Cellular models to study the Cardiac System (part II)

Post-Translational Modifications (PTM) of Tubulin

Cancer Immunotherapy Investigate the TIGIT/CD226 Pathway

3D Cell Culture: Innovative Cell Culture Devices for More Predictive 3D Models

Cell-based assays with hPBMCs for cell therapy and drug discovery

New Continued use immunotherapy cell line expressing recombinant PD-1

mRNA reprogramming system, fastest & safest!

Live cell imaging in action: Killer T-cells hunt their target

Cell reprogramming strategies for Stem cell research & cell sourcing

Plateable Hepatocytes the "one cell type doesn't fit all" syndrome

Cellular models for studying the human urogenital system

Synthetic Glycolipids for in vitro immune response analysis

Proof that 2 = 5 ! Yes it does, in cell culture

Specific cytokines & growth factors in apoptosis!

Cell-clock: Measure the four major phases of mammalian cell cycle

Th17 cell-related Multiplex immunoassays

IDO/TDO enzymatic pathway as an additional target for Cancer Drug Discovery

Cryopreserved Leukopaks: a solution for Cell Therapy Logistics

Cell-based assay to discover new immuno-oncology treatments

One year on: Live Cell Imaging with SiR-actin, SiR-tubulin & SiR-DNA

FAQs on feeder cells for optimal human iPSC culture

Formation of Mesenchymal Tissues in Alvetex® Scaffold

Immunotherapy Screening A focus on PD-1/PD-L1/PD-L2 Pathway in drug discovery

Immunotherapy Screening B7-1 / CD28 and B7-1 / CTLA4 Pathways in Drug Discovery

The TRPV1 Pain Receptor activates T cells

iPS and Stem cell culture new high performance xeno-free expansion medium

Bridging the gap between patient and laboratory samples

Cancer and immune cells crosstalk: immunoediting

3D monitoring of cell movement through Collagen I

Live Cell Imaging: Differentiate ES/iPS from differentiated cells

The best antibodies to detect FOX transcription factors

Recent advances in Stem Cell culture: Encapsulated Stembeads growth factors

Live Cell Imaging Monitor your cellular events by Fluorescent Microscopy

Pluripotent Stem Cells and iPSC Research: Quality and Innovative Products

2 new Actin and Tubulin live cell imaging stains without transfection!

HeLa cells: the first cell line

Hepatic Cellular Models

IDO and TDO Cell based & biochemical assays

Why is the hCMEC/D3 cell line a robust in vitro BBB model?

How to measure early apoptotic events?

Using PBMCs in immune cell studies

New fluorescent probe for super-resolution imaging

PBMCs & drug development

Optimized DNA delivery in Stem Cells

4 International Standards for pluripotency tests

Verapamil can enhance live cell staining of Actin & Tubulin with SiR-dyes

How to get rid of fibroblastic and contaminating cells?

From RNA-derived iPS Cells to Retinal Cells

Enriched Tregs for a multitude of research applications

9 pathway-specific screening assays in Immunotherapy

How to choose the best 3D technology for your assay?

3D cell culture Biochip versatile for more physiological applications

User experience of SiR-Actin and SiR-Tubulin Live Cell Imaging

Cost-effective serum replacer for stem cell culture!

5 most popular Cell Sourcing blog posts in 2014!

Crosstalk between cancer and immune cells: tumor escape

Live Cell Imaging: User results with SiR-Actin & SiR-Tubulin

KP-1 dye distinguishes stem cells from differentiated cells by LCI and FCM

How to detect Singlet Oxygen by live cell imaging?

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Troubleshooting Guide

Genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for live cell discovery

New in Live Cell Imaging: CopperGREEN and GlycoGREEN probes

CRISPR genome editing: which cell line to choose?

Researchers explain why they chose Stembeads FGF2

Actin staining techniques in fixed and living cells

Visualization of cAMP signals in live human pancreatic islets

Ion channel over expressing cell lines for inhibitory screening

5 multicolour flow cytometry reagents for immunophenotyping

Cellular Matrices for Translational Research

How to detect active caspase in cells?

6 tips for thawing hepatocytes

Essential for cell bio-printing: fully control your hydrogel

Factors affecting human islet cell quality

iPS cells: Bioactive small molecules make exogenous reprogamming genes dispensable!

Induced pluripotent neural stem cells in screening assay

Staining Actin and Tubulin from WB to Live Cell Imaging

Fluorescent thermometer for living cells

Unlimited sources of neural cells mimicking CNS disorders for in vitro bioassays

Live cell imaging of DNA with SiR-DNA for STED & SIM

Specific cytokines & growth factors in inflammation

Supporting iPS reprogramming

Mimic human pulmonary function in vitro

Measure Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC)

Still using MTT or WST-1 for cell counting?

Focus on 6 cytokine growth factors for cell culture!

Cell counting made easy!

Immunotherapy Screening IDO pathway

5 most popular posts in Stem Cells in 2015

Validated antibodies for Ectodermal Stem Cell Lineage

How to manipulate and measure Autophagy?

A 96-well Invasion Assay Compatible with High Content Screening

Being bio-reactive - Acting and reacting in life science biotechnologies

srRNA Reprogram human blood, endothelial progenitor & fibroblasts

Study how miRNAs regulate Stem cell homeostasis and differentiation

Specific cytokines & growth factors in hematology!

295 solutions for isolating primary cells

New drug for Sickle Cell Disease targets Leukocytes

Stellate cells models for liver studies

Predicting CYP induction in stable cell lines

Cancer Immunotherapy: Targeting CD73 to inhibit adenosine generation

Genome Editing in Stem Cells: outsource or do-it-yourself?

Tips for Optimizing Cell Culture Conditions with Hydrogels

Physioxia or Hypoxia: what it's all about

Cancer immunotherapy and PBMCs

Live cell imaging: the art of looking at biological processes in real time

Develop your cell-based assay with real-time GLuc detection

5 most popular pathways in 2014!

Tumour microenvironment and miRNA biomarkers

5 most popular posts in ADME-Tox in 2014!

Two top ways to success with knock-out

Align your cells with nanoscale topography cell cultureware

Focus on Actin staining and visualization

tebu-bio sponsors Pasteur Institute's Advances in Stem Cell Biology Course 2014

SiR fluorogenic probes: multicolour live-cell Imaging of Actin, Tubulin, DNA, and Lysosomes

microRNAs: Push and observe miRNA overexpression

Get 1.8 fold more cardiomyocytes with MesoFate medium

STAT3 signaling effects on IL-15 derived dendritic cells

Host Cell Protein Analysis in Biologics

CAS9-expressing cell lines

Find your stem cell Antibody Array

Biomarkers of stemness

3 good reasons to select capped polyadenylated mRNA expressing factors for iPSC generation

Human oligodendrocyte MO3.13 cells & Globoid cell leukodystrophy

EndoG and ATM cell cycle checkpoint in Leukemogenesis

Tools for gene delivery

Cancer immunotherapy: IDO1 inhibitors reversible or irreversible?

Interferons the first line of defense against viral infections

Immunotherapy Screening GITR:GITRL pathway

Focus on Actin G-F Actin ratio measured in cells

Pluripotent stem cells for improved reprogrammed Human Sebocytes

A selection of Proteasomal and De-ubiquitinase inhibitors

Stem cell-derivative Motor Neurons / Muscle fiber co-culture functional bio-assay

Tubulin and microtubule vizualization in cells

Immunotherapy Screening CD40:CD40L pathway

Main factors for different cell types

Modulate hepatic inflammation

Immunotherapy Screening CD137:CD137L pathway

Tumor growth and metastasis monitored in vivo

9 reagents to visualize actin in fixed cells

6 good reasons (in short!) to use our blood derived cells!

Differentiate between Apoptosis, Necroptosis, Autophagy & Ferroptosis

Don't miss any neurotrophin!

The easy way to find your bioactive small molecules for stem cell biology

Nucleosomes with native structure - Next generation tool box in epigenetic cell signalling

Distinctions between homogeneous bulk cancer cell tumors vs. Cancer Stem cell driven tumors by Pr. Clarke

How to monitor mitophagy in mammalian cells

Activation & de-activation pathways of hepatic fibrosis

3 fluorescent probes that will count in 2017

Drug discovery: Immunotherapy checkpoint research for new Cancer treatments

Tumour microenvironment glycosylation

Live cell imaging of Actin, Tubulin & DNA SLAS conference

Tubulin:Microtubule ratio measured in cells

How is Ubiquitin implicated in cell signalling and other biological processes?

Immunotherapy research: How to easily build your own reporter cell line?

Blood as a cells highway

Struggling with tissue dissociation?

Lower background fluorescence in live cell imaging

A focus on ATX-LPA signaling research tools

New in vitro cellular model for human Lipodystrophy

MitoPeDPP: a new mitochondrial fluorescent probe for live cell imaging

Measuring total ubiquitinated proteins in cell lysates made easy!

Imaging of organelles in living cells

Writing Erasing Reading Epigenetics: Targeting Erasers in Drug Discovery

Toxicity Assessment of Co-Culture Human Systems

Cell Signalling: MAP Kinase Signaling with phospho ELISA test

Growth factors in cartilage biology and osteoarthritis

Focus on the Hypoxia Regulation Mechanism

microRNAs: Inhibiting the inhibitors Antagomirs

Tips to optimise your recombinant protein production and protein purification

Direct localization of MMP activity in 3D tumor invasion model

Simple and effective CRISPR CAS9 gene editing for primary cells

Immunotherapy Screening - OX40:OX40L pathway

Measuring Furin a protease to process & activate proteins

Cell Signalling: Ras-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway research tools

5 best selling Human cytokines in 2014 .

Lipid-Ligand interaction tools: lipids are not scary intermediates anymore

Cancer stem cells friend or foe in the fight against cancer?

3 functional assays to investigate actin dynamics

Ferroptosis and the way to inhibit it

Return of SIRT1 deacetylase Why is SIRT1 so attractive in Drug discovery and Stem cell research?

PXR1 knockdown boosts VitK3 anticancer effects

RhoA/ROCK and F-actin modeling involved in Insulin secretion

Open innovation in cosmetology at Cosmetic 360 Paris, Oct. 13-14

PEI transfection patents to expire

Next generation of lentiviral particles

Versatile method to detect luciferase in reporter cell lines

Have a closer look at GPCR mediated signaling!

New way for derivation / maintenance of naïve human PSCs

Your neurons will forget Lipofectamine!

LipiDye fluorescent probe for lipid droplet monitoring in live cells

How to choose the best ELISA for your project

Live Cell Imaging which tools can you use?

3 fluorogenic substrates for iPS and Stem cells analysis

Buccal cells: best surrogate tissue for brain DNA methylation studies

Alzheimer´s research is equally hope and frustration

15 Ubiquitin Proteasome inhibitors for cancer research

Primary cell sourcing: Cryopreserved Human Adult Sebocytes

microRNAs: Keys to open cell biology´s secret chamber

Tumour microenvironment inflammation and immunity

Fully licensed SLC cell lines for FDA and EMA recommended transporters

Exosomes as a trigger for signaling

Fluorescent ShK toxin for Kv1.3 ion channels

ATM or DNA-PKcs inhibitors synthetically lethal in BRCA- cells

Brain stem cell fantastic picture (IF)

FLAER for sensitive PNH cell detection by FCM

microRNAs: Portraying a cell miRNA profiling

Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome new research tools

German Society for Cell Biology Meeting | March 18 - 21, 2014

1 simple way to rapidly quantify Collagen: Sircol Collagen Assay

Antibody pairs the rebirth of a classic

Stauprimide inhibits c-myc transcription in cancer cells

Focus on the NFkB Signaling Pathway

Efficient screening of PPAR active compounds

All-in-one system for iPS and hES gene editing

Specific cytokines & growth factors in angiogenesis, endothelial cells

Array profiling to study PPAR-alpha in progenitor cell

Focus on the AKT cell signaling pathway

Tumour microenvironment and kinome studies

Live cell imaging tool SiR-actin on JBC frontcover

New HYDROP fluorescent dye for intracellular ROS measurement

Soluble and Insoluble Collagen assays made easy!

FtsZ Bacterial homologue to tubulin and target for new antibiotics

Wnt4 and Rspo1 to promote mammary stem cell self-renewal

CRISPR/Cas9 vector delivery maximized with DNA-In CRISPR

What the datasheet of an antibody really means

Mutant PD-L1 proteins for antibody epitope mapping

Pluripotency tests with validated antibodies

AAV advantages for Gene delivery in vivo

3 new mitochondrial research reagents

HSCI's researchers switch skin cells into pain-sensing neurons

HD-LCI video of HUVEC Transfection with Cytofect Kit

Focus on the Notch signaling pathway

See how researchers get good quality publications with arrays

How to measure Calcium in cell based assays?

Safe-Harbor, the new way to work?

3 monoclonals to discriminate free Ubiquitin from linear and polyubiquitin chains

PARP and Top1 inhibitors most beneficial in endonuclease-deficient cancer cells

Erythropoietin active EPO for hematologists!

6 popular Microtubule agents used in in vitro tubulin assays

FEN1 inhibitor and Rad54b synthetic lethal interactions

Solute Carrier (SLC) Transporter studies made easy

Topographical and mechanical niche for cells in video

Rat liver tritosomes in the endosome-lysosome pathway

2 breakthroughs in 2015 for treating cataracts

Alternatives to the "mega-brands" of molecular biology

Focus on the JAK-STAT pathway

Protein PTMs analysis with Signal-Seeker kits

58 different human RTKs in one phosporylation array

Actin-Binding Proteins (ABPs) review

mScript: your 4-in-1 mRNA production system

Interactions between cancer and immune cells via cytokine networks

PARP inhibitors are less synthetically lethal in hypoxic conditions AACR 2014

Flow cytometry intracellular staining

ELISA test to confirm elimination of Host Cell Proteins (HCP) from bioproductions

Where to buy Topo inhibitors and analogs?

Comparison of XenoTech Hepatocytes to HepaRG® Cell Line

ELISA tests, arrays and cellular models for Obesity and Diabetes

5 popular RayBio ELISA kits for studying inflammation

Human Primary Sebocyte assay for compound testing on lipid metabolism

RNA Therapy and the Innate Immune Response

Epigenetics Writers Readers Erasers: Targeting Writers in Drug Discovery

alpha-GalCer analog, 7DW8-5 a potential adjuvant in Cancer Immunotherapy?

Capping, bundling, sequestering the role of Actin Binding Proteins

Versatile measurement of protein binding to microtubules

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and related assay kits

Using CRISPR to knockout an essential gene

Epigenetics Writers Readers Erasers: Targeting Readers in Drug Discovery

Lamellipodial BPA: A new actin dynamics investigation tool

Anti cellulite compound evaluation with in vitro adipocyte-assays

Biomarkers and shear stress

Actin and Tubulin dynamics research studies

Dual secreted Alkaline Phosphatase and Luciferase detection in one sample

Don't drown while fishing for biomarkers!

Isogenic Knockout iPSC Lines for Modeling of CNS Disorders

5 Cytoskeletal Modeling Molecules

How to improve your reporter gene assays?

A stable alternative to ATRA

ISG15 in Interferon-mediated signaling

How sample preparation can affect your biomarker studies (II)

A polystyrene scaffold for 3D endocervix model

Which approach for measuring circulating cell-free miRNAs?

5 popular kits to study ECM

Characterization & Applications of Human Cardiomyocytes

Improving restorative surgery - with Platelets

Tips to select the best secondary

miRNA mediates gene expression through HDL particles

Caspases as pharmaceutical targets screening for inhibitors?

26 Webpages