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Epitope Tag Antbodies - Buy 2, Get 1 50% off

Special offer - Top Selling Epitope Tag Antibodies

Improve expression levels, solubility, folding, purification, and more with Rockland's epitope tag antibodies that are carefully selected for high specificity and sensitivity. The variety of conjugation alternatives, such as chemiluminescent and fluorescent labels, provide you flexibility of method development when localizing gene products in various cell types.

  • Enhanced sensitivity and specificity
  • Compatible with most immunoassays
  • Rigorous quality control testing for robust performance
  • Tested for the detection of recombinant proteins expressed in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems
Anti-RFP (Rabbit) Anti-Biotin (Mouse) Anti-VSG Epitope Tag (Rabbit) Anti-GFP (Goat)


Select three Epitope Tag antibodies from this list of the most popular products, and get the third one with 50% discount.

Cat. nr. Description
600-401-379 Anti RFP (Rabbit) 
200-101-379 Anti RFP (Goat) 
600-401-215 Anti GFP (Rabbit) 
600-101-215 Anti GFP (Goat) 
600-301-215 Anti GFP (Mouse) Monoclonal 
600-101-200 Anti GST (Goat) 
200-301-B13 Anti FLAG-tag (Mouse) Monoclonal
200-101-C44 Anti Luciferase (Goat) 
200-301-098 Anti Biotin (Mouse) Monoclonal
200-303-382 Anti 6X HIS Epitope Tag (Mouse) Monoclonal Peroxidase Conjugated
600-101-096 Anti Fluorescein (Goat)
600-401-384 Anti HA Epitope Tag (Rabbit)
600-401-386 Anti VSV-G Epitope Tag (Rabbit)

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Offer valid up to December 31st, 2022 - mention promo code DIST-2022Q4B2GO50 on your order to benefit from this discount.
For more information or to order, please contact your local Tebubio office.
Non-cumulative with any other discounts, special offers or price agreements.