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High Density Array Service - Affordable Expertise

Multiomics (multiple omics) integrates multiple levels of biological analysis to provide an integrated, comprehensive view of complex cellular systems. By utilizing several technologies concurrently, you can better connect individual datasets to whole cell or organism phenotypes, enriching drug target and biomarker discovery. With the use of such a high density array technology (quantitative and semi-quantitative) it is possible to identify, track and map protein expression of 6000 analytes across hundreds of biochemical pathways.

Several factors you need to take into account, however, is that these arrays are:
  • Time consuming to set up the protocol (number of samples)
  • Expansive tasks
  • Quality of results is not garanteed due to complexity of use

So, what is your (largely viable!) alternative?

High Density Array Services by Tebubio

Tebubio offers you a full solution - our High Density Array Service. Gain peace of mind with an all-round service providing you with genuine scientific expertise and guaranteed high quality results, at an accessible price.

Trust our experts - they'll save you time and money

Rather than spending time on developing high density arrays yourself in your lab, allocate your time and money to other activities and let us perform these tedious tasks for you at a low cost. 
You're sure to get your money's worth !
Benefit from the expertise of our project managers at an unbeatable price. For marginally more than the price of an single array, outsource your project and let our scientific experts in array development carry out your project for you, on your terms.

Why choose Tebubio's Laboratory Services?

Recognized as a Center of Excellence and a Certified Service Provider by our partner RayBiotech, a Biomarker Discovery market leader, you benefit from simplfied access to their technology and high quality with our labs and our experienced project managers.

You'll be accompanied throughout the duration of your project by your designated project manager.

Reach out to your project manager and we'll get your project going

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Biostatistics Services

To advance your project, you can also easily access Biostatistics Services.

Complement your High Density Array Service with the Biostatistics Service and benefit from real bioinformatics and biostatistics analysis. Step up your project and get results ready to be used.

Gain deeper understanding of your array data with our affordable services and choose your "à la carte" options: 

  • Data clean-up (comes with all analyses)
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Pathway analysis
  • Biomarker selection
Nothing could be easier! Ship us your samples (4 samples minimum) and receive the most efficient, high-quality, reproducible results available anywhere -  thanks to a CLP-compliant laboratory, automated slide processing system and careful, thorough data analysis.

Keen to use our High Quality Array Service for your studies?