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Facilitate your Monkeypox research projects

With the emergence of new viruses such as SARS-COV2 or currently the Monkeypox virus (and their speed of dissemination), the need for researchers to quickly and easily access quality reagents is even more essential to achieve better understanding and to combat these new threats.

Benefit from everything you need to facilitate your Monkeypox virus research projects (and others), with our solutions combining quality reagents, our own customisable in-house lab services, and fully personalised customer support.


Browse all Raybiotech's Monkeypox research tools


Real time PCR kit

Our partner RayBiotech have developed a ready-to-use Monkeypox Virus PCR Kit for efficient detection of MPXV DNA.
It does this by using primer sets specific for the J2R gene unique to the current strain of circulating MPXV (GenBank: ON563414.3) and can be measured with most common qPCR setups.

Monkeypox Virus (MPXV) PCR Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

  • Sensitivity: 4 copies/µl
  • Specificity: Monkeypox virus specific. No cross-reacitvity with other Orthopox viruses.
  • Other features: Double quencher probe ensures enhanced specificity / UDG and dUTP system minimizes carry-over contamination / ROX reference dye improves accuracy and reproducibility.

Raybiotech's MPVX Real time PCR kit

Recombinant Proteins

Discover a catalog of recombinant Monkeypox virus produced either in E.Coli or Mammalian cells. 

IMV Surface Membrane 14-kDa Fusion Protein

  • Short Name = A29L / Expression Region = Met1-Glu110 
  • Expression host: E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

Envelope protein A28 homolog

  • Short Name = A30L / Expression Region = Gln22-Leu146 
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

EEV envelope glycoprotein

  • Short name = A35R / Expression Region = Gln59-Thr181
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

IFN-alpha/beta receptor-like Glycoprotein B16R

  • Short name = B16R / Expression Region = His21-Glu352
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

Palmytilated EEV Membrane Glycoprotein

  • Short name = C19L / Expression Region = Met1-Phe307
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) 
  • Secreted IL-18 Binding Protein D6L
  • Short name = D6L / Expression Region = Met1-Lys126
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

Envelope Protein H3L

  • Short name = H3L / Expression Region = Met1-Pro278
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag) or HEK 293 (C-Ter His tag)

Telomere-binding Protein I1

  • Short name = I1L / Expression Region = Met1-Glu312
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag)

L1R protein, required for DNA packaging

  • Short name = L1R / Expression Region = Met1-Gln152
  • Expression Host = E.coli (N-Ter His tag)


Based our ELISA development experience, our partner Raybiotech have developed new antibody screening ELISAs against 11 key MPXV antigens. By quantifying the antibody within a sample, humoral immune response and exposure to MPXV can be assessed.

Indirect ELISAs for Monkeypox Antibody Testing

  • Antibody isotype detection: IgG / IgM / AgA
  • Sample compatibility Plasma and Serum Sample
  • Other features, Antigen pre-coated 96-well microplate / High Sensitivity / Results with 3 hours

Browse the full listing of ELISAs kits

Protein Arrays

Find glass slide-based protein arrays, provided by Raybiotech, to screen IgG, IgM, IgA, or any other isotype antibody detection in serum, plasma, and other liquid sample types.

Semi-quantitative Array displaying Monkeypox Viral proteins

  • Measure IgG, IgM or IgA antibody responses to immunization or patients
  • Sample compatibility: Acites - Hybridoma cell culture medium - Other fluids - Plasma - Purified antibodies & proteins - Serum
  • Species detected: Human - Mouse - Rabbit
  • Protein displayed: A29L, A30L, A33R, A35R, B16R, C19L (identical to vaccinia virus F13L), D6L, E8L, H3L, I1L, L1R

Monkeypox Virus Protein Array G1


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