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High Density Spheroids screening service

Improve Relevancy, Reproducibility and Robustness of your data

Combining the relevancy of 3D spheroid models and screening assays can be tricky & time consuming,  due to single well culture methods (culturing replicate - quantity of material available - spheroid homogeneity - experimental costs...).

High Density Spheroids resolve these culture problems, enabling combining your 3D models with any downstream screening project - at the same time improving the quality of the data obtained.

Higher Data Reproducibility

  • Standardised process for the calibration and production of High Density spheroids
  • Hundreds to thousands of identical spheroids are obtained quickly, grown and treated the same way
  • Limiting of culturing replicates and experimental errors, leads to higher data reproducibility

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More robust data

  • Quickly obtain higher amounts of "identical" material for the easiest compatibility with screening assays
  • Extract more than 3 times the necessary amount of protein needed to obtain reliable and sensitive data (fig.2)
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Easier downstream assay compatibility

The HDS culture format is easily compatible with a large inventory of downstream assays, such as intracellular or secreted biomarker screening (left) , Phenotypic & Activity assays from different types of cellular models (right).

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High Density Spheroid culture allows you to obtain more robustreliable and physiologically relevant experimental and screening data.

Tebubio's Laboratory, or how to easily integrate High Density Spheroids in your project

Rather than develop High Density spheroids method & protocols in your labs, allocate your time to other activities and let us culture them for you. Our scientists are ready to discuss & find the best strategy to adapt your model to the HDS screening format, and to provide you with improved key results opposed to "classical" culture methods.

Keen to use our HDS service for your studies?