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THUNDER™ - The efficiency of TR-FRET technology accessible to all

Over the past few years, TR-FRET technology has established itself as the tool of choice in industry for cellular target quantification.

With their new range of THUNDER™ kits, BioAuxiulium are changing the world of TR-FRET by providing a flexible, efficient and robust tools accessible for all.

What is the THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology?

The THUNDER™  TR-FRET assay platform is based on the use of the best compatible TR-FRET pair available on the market:

  • Long-lifetime and highly stable Europium chelate (Eu) as the donor fluorophore
  • Small, unique far-red fluorophore (FR) as the acceptor

Resulting in an exceptional spectral compatibility and TR-FRET signal at 665nm.

In addition, the high resistance of the Eu chelate to photobleaching and very long signal stability allows the reading of assays as many times as needed.

These long-lived fluorescent signals are read in a time resolved manner to: minimize assay interference, which increases assay performance.

For all THUNDER™ assays, the antibody pair are rigorously selected based on their target specificity and the final concentration of fluorophore-labeled antibodies are carefully optimized to further minimize assay background and maximize the S/B ratio.

Want to evaluate the efficiency of THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology ?

Download our Application note and see how the THUNDER™ efficiency compares against two existing TR-FRET solutions.


Why use THUNDER™ TR-FRET assays?

  • Flexible - All THUNDER™ assay are available in:
    • Small sizes: 100 & 500 points
    • Larger sizes : 2500, 5000 & 1000 points
  • Easy to use
    • No protocol change versus Cisbio & PerkinElmer technology
    • All kits can be run in 96 or 384 wells plate
    • Compatible with a broad range of Readers : Download the full list here  
  • Robust & Accessible
    • Lot to lot consistency / Reproducibility (check last meeting)
    • High data quality at a very affordable price

Discover the broad THUNDER™ TR-FRET product range

Simple and rapid detection of either a specific phosphorylated target protein (Phospho-protein kit) and/or total protein in cell lysates (Total protein kit). All kits includes positive contols.
(e.g : Phospho SLP76 / EGFR / STAT6 / AKT…)

Cell Signalling Assay Kits

Assays to easy and quickly quantitate pro-inflammatory human cytokines in cell supernatants (e.g. IFN / IL-2 / IL-6…) Biomarker assay kits

These assay kits provide a simple, rapid, robust and affordable tool to measure intracellular cAMP changes following G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) activation

cAMP Assay Kits


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Your designated project manager can perform all your TR-FRET projects from preliminary studies to much broader projects. We can arrange pick-up of your samples for delivery to our laboratory in France.

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Learn more about TR-FRET technology

If you'd like some further reading about the TR-FRET Technology, take 5 minutes to read this post on our blog.

How can TR-FRET facilitate your cell signaling studies?