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idenTx Family: the humanized 3D tissue platform

AIM Biotech get a makeover

As you may know, AIM Biotech have developed innovative systems to develop human biology-on-a-chip. This humanized 3D tissue culture platform for drug discovery enables the development of accurate physiological models.
Recently, with the aim to facilitate your research, AIM Biotech have introduced the idenTx Family, based on the former DAX Biochip technology. This re-branding makes sense, idenTx stands for therapeutic identification which amplifies the purpose of this technology which allows you to identify therapeutic solutions for many different research areas.



Vasculogenesis Metastasis Assays Blood Brain Barrier



1 technology supporting you at every stage of your project

Available in formats for 3, 9 (three individual idenTx 3 Chips with a holder), and new -  40 parallel experiments, idenTx multiplies your throughput in alignment with your drug discovery programs. These products represent the best solution for you to scale up your project, by developping, standardising and multiplying the experiments according to your protocol.

No need to change your usual procedures during your project's evolution! Use the same protocol for the same conditions.
The idenTx Family is an adaptable solution to carry out your project from start to finish.
From a simple system for development, through one that allows you to standardise your results by studying reproducibility, up to automating your research...  


  • Easily transfer to superior idenTx systems for future higher throughput assays
  • Use the same protocol for all the formats
  • Take your research from feasibility to higher throughput screening thanks to built-in scalability 
  • Benefit from compatiblity with a wide range of imaging modalities
  • Replace animal models in pre-clinical trials




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