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Monitoring actin dynamism is now possible!

New and unique live cell actin probes

Visualising actin dynamics has always been a real challenge. For this reason,  Spirochrome decided to develop unique probes: the SPY555- & SPY650-FastAct(TM). These new probes based on the SPY probes technology allows to label very fast actin dynamics. These probes presents many advantages - it does not require any genetic manipulation, transfection or overexpression of  fluorescent proteins. Moreover, FastAct(TM) probes are based on bright, photostable, orange fluorophore  (SPY555-FastAct(TM)) or far red fluorophore (SPY650-FastAct(TM)) which is far superior than fluorescent proteins.


SPY555- & SPY650-FastActTM benefits


Label very fast
Actin Dynamics

Microscope Compatibility

Very Specific Non Toxic



  • Label very fast actin dynamics: unique probe to label very fast actin dynamics.

  • Super-resolution Microscopes Compatibility: it can be used for widefield, confocal, SIM or STED imaging in living or fixed cells and tissue.

  • Very Specific: its optimized structure allows to label F-actin in live cells with high specificity.

  • Non Toxic: its non-toxic nature allows unbiased in vivo analysis.

  • Multicolor imaging: compatible with other SPY probes.


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Multicolor imaging for multiple analysis

Do you want to perform advanced analysis? FastAct(TM) probes enables multicolor imaging with other SPY probes : SPY505, SPY555, SPY595,  SPY700 or GFP and m-cherry. Thanks to SPY555- & SPY650-FastAct's amazing capabilities, studying all the cytoskeleton's features has never been so easy!