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Ha-CoV-2 – Introducing cutting-edge technology for Covid Research

New proprietary hybrid alphavirus-SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirion

Ha-CoV-2 is a newly developed hybrid SARS-CoV-2 virus-like particle (VLP) which encapsulates an alphavirus-derived RNA genome for rapid reporter expression (luciferase or GFP) in target cells1 (patent pending).

Specialized in the development of cutting-edge technologies in virology, Virongy have made an important step forward in the development of Covid research tools by developing this Ha-CoV-2 pseudovirion.

Fig 1. Schematic overview of the assembly of Ha-CoV-2 particles

Assembled with all 4 COVID SARS-CoV-2 structure proteins

Ha-CoV-2 is different from commonly used S protein pseudotyped lenti- or vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)- pseudoviruses. It is assembled with all 4 structural proteins (S, M, N, and E) of SARS-CoV-2 (fig 1), and contains a reporter genome derived from an alphavirus-based vector for rapid 6-hour,  robust expression of reporter genes.

Ha-CoV-2 represents a major technological advancement in the development of SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses and serves as a platform for rapid and robust quantification of neutralizing antibodies, viral mutants, and antiviral drugs2,3 .

To facilitate advances in anti-SARS-CoV-2 drug development, Virongy have also developed this new hybrid technology for all the new variants (UK – Brazilian – South – African – New York lineage ….) 

Fig 1 - right: Schematic overview of the assembly of Ha-CoV-2 particles.

Major advantages over classical Pseudovirus solutions

  • Faster speed – As fast as 6 hours for the detection of reporter expression for Ha-CoV-2, versus 2-3 days for S protein pseudotyped lentivirus.
  • More robust reporter signal - Ha-CoV-2 draws on the advantages of the rapid and robust gene expression capacity of alphavirus vectors for reporter expression( Fig.2)
  • High fidelity in particle structure – Ha-CoV-2 contains all 4 SARS-CoV-2 structural proteins (S, M, E, and N), but no structural proteins from other viruses. In contrast, lenti- and VSV- pseudoviruses contain only the S protein from SARS-CoV-2, and multiple structural proteins from other viruses, such as HIV-1 Gag and Pol.

Fig.2  - Comparison of Ha-CoV-2 with S protein pseudotyped lentivirus in a time course of infection and reporter expression. HEK293T(ACE2/TMPRESS2) cells were used as the target cell.

Cutting-edge technology for a broad range of applications

This new and innovative hybrid alphavirus-SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirion can be used for a broad range of applications to simplify and speed up your SARS-CoV-2 drug development program.

  • Screening and quantification of anti-SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies (Fig. 3)
  • Anti-SARS-CoV-2 drug screening
  • Quantification of SARS-CoV-2 viral mutants
  • Identification of host co-factors and restriction factors of SARS-CoV-2



Fig. 3 - left: Neutralizing antibody activity measured with Ha-CoV-2(Luc).

50 µl of Ha-CoV-2(Luc) (Cat# HaCoV2Luc-01) was incubated with serially diluted anti-serum for 1 hour at 37°C. The virus-antibody complex was used to infect 40,000 HEK293T(ACE2/TMPRSS2) target cells in a 96-well plate. Luciferase assay was performed at 12 hours post infection.

Optimize your time - develop more accurate anti-SARS-CoV-2 drugs with the new Ha-CoV-2 hybrid solution!

  Name Cat. nr. Size


Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Bald)  Luc reporter pseudovirions HaCoV2 (Bald) 5 x 200ul
Ha-CoV-2  GFP reporter pseudovirions (4 structural proteins) HaCoV2GFP-01 5 x 200uL
HaCoV2GFP-10C 5 x 100µl
Ha-CoV-2  Luc reporter pseudovirions (4 structural proteins) HaCoV2Luc-01 5 x 200uL
HaCoV2Luc-02 10 x 200µl
HaCoV2Luc-03 50 x 200µl
HaCoV2Luc-04 100 x 200µl
HaCoV2Luc-10C 5 x 100µl

Variants - Ha-CoV-2

Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.2) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.2) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Epsilon - B1.429) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B1.429) 5* x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Gamma - P.1) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (P.1) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.1.207) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.1.207) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.1.298) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.1.298) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Alpha - B.1.1.7) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.1.7) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.258) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.258) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Beta - B.1.351) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.351) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.494)  Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(B.1.494) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (D614G) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc(D614G) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Delta - B.1.617.2) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.617.2) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Epsilon - B.1.427/429) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.427/429)  5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Eta - B.1.525) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.525) 5 x 200ul
Mutant Ha-CoV-2-Luc (Kappa - B.1.617.1) Luc reporter pseudovirions Ha-CoV-2-Luc (B.1.617.1) 5 x 200ul

Cell Line

ACE2/TMPRESS2 - HEK293T recombinant cell lines

HEK293T(ACE2/TMPRESS2) 500ul


List of Ha-CoV-2 S protein variants

Accelerate your projects – let our lab perform the experiments for you

These new pre-assembled Ha-CoV-2 reporter pseudovirions ( WT or Variants) are available to order in Europe through Tebubio.

But did you know that Tebubio can help you by performing your antiviral drug screening and quantification of neutralizing antibodies directly at our European based laboratory?

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