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Sphericalplate 5D - The 3D cell culture rEvolution

 What about the 5th Dimension?

The fifth dimension (5D), can be defined as the communication of the cells with each others. To ensure these exchanges occur in the most physiological conditions as possible, Kugelmeiers have developed a patented technology combining:
  • A critically determined shape and size of microwells
  • A robust non-fouling coating hindering cells from attaching to the surface
This innovative 3D culture technology called Sphericalplate 5D (SP5D), enables the formation of uniform spheroids with undisturbed communication of the cells with each other.

The Sphericalplate 5D                                                                                                                                     

How does it work?

This patented technology has been developed with the following factors:



Safety First

  • Effortless upscaling of your cell spheroids without losing control over cell differentiation and spheroid size
  • Medium change in your culture is rather simple and can be automated as well
  • The safety profile of the SP5D reduces the risk of unintended tumorigenesis to a minimum which is a prerequisite for all translational approaches


Size and Space Matter


  • Precise control of spheroid size results in higher standardization & reproducibility
  • High quantity of uniformly sized spheroids (9000/plate)
  • Identical diffusion conditions for all spheroids



Spheroid formation timelapse of 3T3 mouse fibroblasts in Sphericalplate 5D.

Shot over 30 hours, 1 picture every 10 minutes. 1000 cells per microwell (easy: just load 750000 cells in a total of 1 ml medium into one well. That's it technically).


What are the benefits for your daily work?

This patented geometry and technology brings considerable advantages to other 3D cell culture methods, from R&D applications to Clinical Applications.






Three major points to keep in mind about SP5D


400x space efficient in comparison to current 3D hanging drops technology
100x faster : 750 cell clusters in only one single pipette move vs classical methods (hanging drops or  spheroids formation per well)
100x cost effective : 9000 cell clusters on our SP5D vs. 96 on industry research plates

Discover the new Sphericalplate 5D now


Thanks to its round-bottomed microwell and high-end ultra-low attachment coating which allow for perfect cell aggregation, SP5D enables the translation from bench to bedside and includes scalable, reliable and safe application of cell therapy.
The global cell culture research market is changing from 2D to 3D. The Sphericalplate 5D is your solution covering the entire application range with unrivaled user advantages, but also currently the only scalable solution on the market attaining quality criteria for safe clinical use.

Cells succesfully cultivated in Sphericalplate 5D










Turn pipetting into publishing

Unsurprisingly many researchers have already validated and integrated the Sphericalplate 5D into their research studies.
Take a look at their feedback: 
Publications Listing


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