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Higher efficiency transfection reagents for mRNA delivery

The novel mRNA-Fect reagent is based on a tailored amphiphilic polymer, making it a highly effective transfection reagent optimized for mRNA delivery to both attachment-dependent and suspension-growing cells. 

Benefits of mRNA-Fect

  • Provides 2 to 7-fold higher efficacy in the presence of serum compared with lipofection reagents
  • Effectively delivers mRNA molecules via a simple protocol
  • Avoids the use of organic solution
  • Minimalises toxicity compared to other commercial reagents
  • Does not alter genetic make-up of host cells after treatment: a non-integrating carrier
  • Enables use of the same transfection reagent in animal models, leading to harmonized studies
  • Minimizes additional costs in mRNA screens due to transfection reagents

The mRNA-Fect's transfection efficiency has been tested for a number of specific cell lines. 



Fig1. Transfection of mRNA with mRNA-Fect in (A) attachment-dependent MCF-7, MDA-MB-436 and MDA-MB-231 cells and (B) suspension-growing K562 and THP-1 cells. An mRNA coding for a reporter protein (Green Fluorescent Protein, GFP) was used to assess the efficiency of mRNA expression. Typical GFP expression levels were visualized under fluorescent microscopy (top pictures). The expression levels were quantitated by flow cytometry 72 hours after transfection and summarized as the percentage of cells positive for GFP (bottom graphs). For comparison, a leading lipofection reagent was used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

As with all transfection reagents, formulations of mRNA-Fect with polynucleotides may need to be optimized for specific cell types and transfection conditions. 


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