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VeriKine-HS Human Interferon Beta TCM ELISA Kit

Discover the High Sensitivity Human IFN-Beta TCM ELISA Kit to detect IFN-Beta in TCM samples.

This kit (Cat nr. 41435-1) features total endogenous IFN-Beta measurement with no soluble IFN receptor (sIFNAR2) interference, making it the ideal TCM-usable ELISA kit to transition to future, complex matrices such as serum and plasma.

  • Human IFN-Beta ELISA detects the amount of interferon beta in tissue culture media (TCM) only to as low as 2.34 pg/ml
  • Total IFN-Beta quantification with no interference from soluble IFN receptor (sIFNAR2)
  • Reproducible results with inter- and intra-assay CVs < 10%

Note: This kit is not intended for use with human serum or plasma samples due to a significantly elevated risk of false-positive results


Figure 1: Induction of Human IFN-Beta by TLR-7/8
Agonist Stimulation of PBMCs measured by the ELISA kit.