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MagIC beads - New viral RNA capture solution

MagIC Beads - SARS-CoV-2 EnrichmentAccess the new MagIC (Magnetic Instant Capture) beads technology, which enables fast, reproducible and high enrichment levels for any of your specific DNA/RNA targets. Developed by ElementZero Biolabs, it's based on specific DNA probes covalently linked to the surface of a new variety of nanomagnetic particles.

A full list of viral RNA targets (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, HIV, Ebola...) is already available, but this technology can be adapted to any of your specific targets.

MagIC Beads - Unmatched enrichment levels

With a simple and fast workflow, the MagIC beads allow you to obtain high enrichment level of your target (up to 100 000x) over the most abundant non-target RNA molecules directly from the biological samples in less than 1 hour.

MagIC Beads - many advantages over other methods

MagIC beads have a higher capture efficiency and specificity but also many other attributes over classical RNA capture methods:

  • Isolate your specific RNA instead of creating a generic pool
  • Enrich specific RNA directly from a cellular lysate by over 100 000X
  • Capture up to 100% of the target molecule
  • No molecular tag related biases
  • Purification can take place under very strong denaturing conditions, unlike biotin approaches
  • Simple and time saving protocol (3 simple steps)
  • No DNase treatment or sonication of the sample required, no RNA fragmentation
  • No need for prior isolation, pre-processing or RNA fragmentation

MagIC Beads - Developed for many applications

Depending on your needs, choose between two different products :

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