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8 new fluorescent tools for Live Cell Imaging

Following on from the highly successful SIR-probes for efficient labeling of the cell Cytoskeleton, DNA and Lysosome, we're pleased to introduce a series of 8 new live cell fluorescent tools by Spirochrome,  the SPY™ probes.

SPY™ probes are new colour tools (green, orange, red and far red) which enable you to efficiently label  DNA (nucleus), Actin and Cytoskeleton on living and fixed cells. By keeping all the valued properties of the SIR-probes (non cytotoxic, cell permeable, highly selective, STED/SIM Compatible), these 8 probes allow strong and accurate labeling of their respective targets without the need for genetic manipulation or over-expression of fluorescent proteins.

Thanks to the new SPYTM probes, you'll gain new labeling possibilities to improve the quality of your data.