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ELISA Kits to monitor cytokine storm and hyperinflammation

Accumulating research evidence indicates that many patients seriously affected by COVID-19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome.
This suggests that people with serious COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 infection, should be monitored for hyperinflammation.

Benefit from our special discount off selected Abbkine EliKine ELISA Kits, to help you with monitoring the cytokine storm.

All kits are available in three sizes: 48 tests, 96 tests, or 5 x 96 tests.

Order Human Cytokine EliKine ELISA kits with 10% discount*


Catalog no. Product name Limit of detection
EliKine™ Human bFGF ELISA Kit 8 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human G-CSF ELISA Kit 16 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human GM-CSF ELISA Kit 5 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IFN-a ELISA Kit 46.9 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IFN-? ELISA Kit 4 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IL-1ß ELISA Kit 4 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IL-2 ELISA Kit 2 pg/ml
EliKine™ Human IL-5 ELISA Kit 4 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IL-8 ELISA Kit 2 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human IL-10 ELISA Kit 1 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human TNF-a ELISA Kit 4 pg/mL
EliKine™ Human VEGF ELISA Kit 16 pg/mL


*Offer valid on selected EliKine ELISA kits displayed on this page, up to August 31st, 2020 - mention promo code ProEli-8 on your order to benefit from this discount.
For more information or to order, please contact your local tebu-bio office.
Non-cumulative with any other discounts, special offers or price agreements.