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Capping Technology for Rapid mRNA Vaccine Development

CleanCap AU Structure - TriLink Biotechnologies at tebu-bioCleanCap® AU is a revolutionary capping technology for self-amplyfying RNA (saRNA or self-replicating RNA) vaccine and personalized cancer vaccine development to facilitate productive saRNA research.

CleanCap® AU is now available as both a reagent and custom mRNA solution to incorporate into saRNA vaccine development programs. As proper mRNA capping is critical to the production of the most biologically active mRNA, you'll benefit from CleanCap AU's demonstrated superior mRNA capping performance for streamlined manufacturing.

Access a novel mRNA manufacturing solution for rapid vaccine development

To date, successful development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics relies on reproducible, highly efficient production of capped mRNA. For this purpose, TriLink Biotechnologies has developed CleanCap® AU, a novel co-transcriptional capping method with a 5’ AU initiation that results in high capping efficiency.

CleanCap Cap1 AU - TriLink Biotechnologies at tebu-bioThis CleanCap analog supports an increasingly popular vaccine development platform like self-amplifying RNAs. CleanCap AU was designed with this promising vaccine platform in mind, as it yields the authentic alphavirus 5’ end.

saRNAs capped with CleanCap AU demonstrate high yields, which minimize overall effective dose with more active mRNA compared to legacy co-transcriptional capping methods.

Additionally, the CleanCap one-pot synthesis streamlines mRNA manufacturing and your overall development timelines.

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