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New TR-FRET kits for your cell signalling studies

Time-Resolved FRET (TR-FRET) is a well-established technology widely used in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, and increasingly used in academic laboratories. TR-FRET has turned out to be a highly versatile assay technology, allowing the study of a wide range of biological interactions ranging from low to high affinity, using both small and large molecules.

These new Thunder™ TR-FRET cell-based assays present many benefits compared to western blots, ELISA and bead-based approaches. 

  • Easy-to-use, fast and homogeneous (no-wash) assays. 

  • High robustness and reproducibility (ratiometric measurements). 

  • Very long signal stability. 

  • High tolerance to most experimental conditions. 

  • Compatibility with most multi-mode microplate readers typically found in research labs. 

  • Cost-effectiveness.

The kits are available in three options:


Measure the relative amounts of a specific phosphorylated target protein.  


Measure the relative amounts of a target protein regardless of its phosphorylation status. These kits can be used to monitor protein expression levels and for normalization purposes.


Provide a novel opportunity to measure matched phosphorylated and total proteins from separate wells in the same plate.

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