tebu-bio is a European company specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences

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tebu-bio celebrates awards!

The strength of our activity through the pan-European branches of our group, lies in our longstanding relationships with our suppliers. This allows us to be your reliable source for the reagents critical to your research and product development, and to provide you with first-rate service at all times from choosing the right reagents to using them optimally.



In October last year, we were proud to again receive an award from RayBiotech for being their Best Distributor in Europe. tebu-bio has a long-standing relationship with RayBiotech, and is a Certified and Endorsed Services Provider.





To start off the new year, we were very happy to receive the Partner Excellence Award from ZenBio for our partnership throughout 2019.

Looking forward to continuing our fruitful relataionships with all our partners throughout 2020!