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End of Year ADME Stock Action: get up to 30% discount

Time to fill up your Microsome & Hepatocyte stocks for this year!

Benefit from our « End of Year Stock-up Action » with up to 30% discount on all our subcellular fractions or hepatocytes (excluding custom products).

Just contact your local sales representative to request your quote.

Choose from our large selection of :

  • Suspension or plateable, human or animal hepatocytes from individual donor or pools including:
    • Hepatosure 100 donor human hepatocytes pool for metabolism studies
    • Cryostax - 5 or 10 donor plateable pools, easily customizable for induction studies

Like to know more about tebu-bio's full ADME-Tox portfolio?

Take a look at our dedicated webpage and interactive ADME-toolbox.