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Diabetes research - fresh human pancreatic islets

tebu-bio supports the European diabetes research community by providing the highest quality human and animal islets isolated by Prodo Laboratories.

Fresh human islets can be sourced regulary when donors become available.
Be informed of each available lot and donor specifications with our notification system.

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Human Islet for Research (HIR)

Human Islets for Research (HIR) are primary human islets prepared from organ donor pancreases that have been approved for research but not for clinical transplantation.

HIR are obtained in a proprietary process of pancreas digestion and islet purification that results in uniformly high quality HIR for delivery to diabetes investigators.

Quality Control (QC) testing is routinely performed prior to release to assure uniform quality and function of these islets available for research.

Fresh Human Islet unique features

  • HIR are prepared only dedicated to research
  • Quality control results provided with the HIR
  • QC testing available for glucose stimulating insuting release and islet image analysis
  • Minimal lot to lot variation based on controlled release criteria
  • Shipping under controlled temperature and with optimized transport media

We also provide HIR from type 2 diabetes donors. Animal Islet also available: neonatal pigs, rats and mice.

Islet numbers

When working with isolated islet preparations, measuring the volume of tissue is not a trivial matter. Islets come in a large range of sizes and are often contaminated with exocrine tissue. Many factors complicate the procedure, and yet knowledge of the islet volume is essential for predicting the success of an islet transplant or comparing experimental groups in the laboratory.

In 1990, Ricordi presented the islet equivalency (IEQ), defined as one IEQ equaling a single spherical islet of 150 µm in diameter. The method for estimating IEQ was developed by visualizing islets in a microscope, estimating their diameter in 50 µm categories and calculating a total volume for the preparation. Shortly after its introduction, the IEQ was adopted as the standard method for islet volume measurements. It has helped to advance research in the field by providing a useful tool improving the reproducibility of islet research and eventually the success of clinical islet transplants.

cGMP media

Prodo labs has developped media to to help the islets live the longest, healthiest life they can.

These cGMP products consist of Prodo Islet Media (PIM) and are manufactured under the strictest guidelines to qualify as a GMP product.

PIM(CR) – Prodo Islet Complete Media for Recovery

This islet specific tissue culture medium is designed for use immediately following islet purification for the first 48 hours at 37°C.  It reduces islet recovery time to 12-18 hours. Islets begin to round up quicker and become functional for experiments.

PIM(CS) – Prodo Islet Complete Media

This is the standard and the most popular medium designed for short and long term islet maintenance following islet isolations, for up to 21 days at 37°C.  It maintains islet compactness, DTZ staining, islet insulin responsiveness to glucose stimulation and it maintains insulin content throughout this culturing period.  It is capable of culturing past 30 days, when used with PIM(R).

PIM(CT) – Prodo Islet Complete Media for Transport

This islet specific transport medium is designed for the transport of islets from the isolation center to research and transplant centers using cold or ambient temperature storage. It is totally different from the usual whole organ transport media, which are harmful to isolated islets, leading to the breakdown of single cells and damage to insulin secretory mechanisms. These problems do not occur when using our medium. Researchers can you use with their own islets isolations.

These 3 media are complete and include Human AB serum, Glutamine/glutathione supplement and triple antibiotic supplement. They are available also as basic media with supplements separately. They can be stored for 30 days.

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