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15% off Superior Biochemical Kits

Accelerate your Biochemical experiments

Whether you need to measure GSH, LDL, Fatty acids, MDA, NO (and many more) in your samples, make the most of our special offer to get the kit you need...

Flexible Selections:

  • Various detection methods: Colorimetry, Fluorometry, Turbidimetry
  • Broad application range: detection of functional protein/ enzyme, metabolite, vitamin, ion content, etc.
  • Multiple sample types: serum, plasma, cultured cells, plant and animal tissues, etc., no limit to species.

Superior Performance

  • Good reproducibility: intra-CV<5%, inter-CV<5%, recovery rate is 100±5%
  • Good stability: the kits can be stable for up to 6 months at 2~8℃
  • Simple and fast: 50 samples can be detected within 1 hour