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New Mouse Antibody Array Panel - 640 Targets

Largest RayBiotech Mouse Antibody Array to date

  • 640 Mouse Proteins
  • Sample types: Serum, plasma, lysates, cell culture media
  • Sample volume example: 500u for cell culture media

How does it work?

This antibody array uses a matched pair of antibodies for target protein detection.  A panel of capture antibodies is printed in multiple identical arrays on a standard slide. After a blocking step, samples are incubated with the arrays.
Nonspecific proteins are then washed off, and the arrays are incubated with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies, followed by a streptavidin-conjugated fluor. Signals are then visualized using a fluorescence laser scanner.

If sample volume is limited, you may wish to have a look at our Mouse L2 arrays, including 500 targets on a single array (50ul serum more than enough)

Let us do the experiment for you...

Just send us your sample and we'll perform the whole experiment for you, including Biostats analysis.
tebu-bio laboratories, based near Paris, will save you the inconvenience of sending your precious samples to the US.