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IFN Beta Human ELISA Kit

The High Sensitivity Human IFN Beta Serum ELISA Kit has been developed to measure low/basal levels of human IFN-beta in autoimmune sera, normal serum/ plasma or tissue culture media samples by sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). This assay is suitable for measurement of trademarked therapeutic molecules in human serum samples.

It is particularly of interest if your research involves examining

  • Pharmacokinetics of IFN-beta molecules
  • IFN-beta as a biomarker
  • IFN-beta as a pharmacodynamic marker of TLR agent or other immune response modifier activity


  • Measures human IFN beta with 1.2 pg/ml LOQ in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM)
  • Suitable for measurement of IFN-beta in autoimmune serum (download poster here)
  • Suitable for measurement of trademarked interferon beta 1a and interferon beta 1b therapeutic molecules in human serum  (download poster here)
  • ELISA assay provides > 90% serum spike-recovery
  • Reproducible results with inter-assay CV < 8% and intra-assay CV < 10%
  • No inhibition of IFN beta detection by 3-log excess of soluble IFNAR2 protein

See how this High sensitivity Human Interferon Beta ELISA kit performs well in healthy and Diseased sera (auto-immune disease),
and shows high lot-to-lot reproduciblity in this recent poster.