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OmicsLink™ shRNA Clone Collections

We offer shRNA sets including 3 individual constructs of 5 µg purified plasmid and a separate scrambled control plasmid. Lentiviral particles and AAV are also available upon request.

Guaranteed shRNA knockdown

We warranty that at least one of the three will have a knockdown effect of 70% or more on corresponding gene expression as determined by qRT-PCR. We can provide the qPCR validated primer pair upon request.

Promoters of your choice

shRNA driven by pol III promoters (H1, U6) or pol II promoters (CMV, EF1a, CAG and CBh), both with great knockdown efficiency.

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Validation service

Validation service can be offered for each shRNA set, for a cost of € 1 343  + the cost of the shRNA clone set.

The validation service is based on the quantification of the KD effect by reporter enzymatic assays as illustrated below.