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New Cynomolgus IFN-beta ELISA

We're excited to announce the addition of the VeriKine Cynomolgus Interferon Beta ELISA Kit (46415-1) to PBL's extensive range of sensitive and accurate immunoassays. 

Though Type I IFNs are studied extensively in human and mouse models, studies regarding their role in non-human primate (NHP) models are relatively limited. If you're interested instudying cynomolgus models of disease, take a look at this immunoassay to measure low/basal levels of Macaca fascicularis IFN-b in a variety of sample matrices. 

  • Assay detection range of 5.47 – 350 pg/ml
  • Matrix tolerance in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM)
  • Reproducible results with inter- and intra-assay CVs of <10% and <8%, respectively
  • Average spike recovery of 94%