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RNA-based CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

Indel modified CAS9 mRNA in CD34+ cells

Optimized CAS9 mRNA

Trilink has combined dedicated UTR sequences, U-depletion of the coding sequence, 5-methoxy-Udine substitution and high efficient capping technology to boost CAS9 protein production in Mammalian cells.

One single guide RNA

Several studies using single gRNAs have consistently reported higher editing rates than those using dual gRNAs (TracrRNA+crRNA).

For more info on the single guide design and optimization, browse this post on our scientific blog.

We provide one single gRNA of ~90nt from 1 umole starting synthesis scale, meaning 0.5-1mg final yield, with Trilink HPLC purification quality, in 4 weeks.

  • 1 sgRNA - 1950 euros
  • 2 sgRNA - 3400 euros

Just let us know your 20nt long targeted sequence. You can use this tool to define it.

Special pack offer!

Submit your sgRNA sequence to get a formal quotation with CAS9 mRNA 20µg for free.

Innovation for single cell isolation - Smart Aliquotor

A simple way to isolate 30 clones!

See Smart Aliquotor in action here.