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20% off Signal Seeker Sumoylation

The next generation of tools for endogenous SUMO1 detection

Signal Seeker™ kits use affinity beads to pull-out and enrich modified proteins from any given cell or tissue lysate. The enriched protein population is then analyzed by standard western blot procedures using a primary antibody to the target protein.  


  • Unparalleled sensitivity due to optimized kit reagents
  • Discover and publish novel regulatory mechanisms.
  • Confirm transfection & proteomic results with endogenous data
  • Examine protein modification crosstalk


Some SUMO1 Product Highlights

SUMO1 antibody (Cat. # ASM01)

  • The strongest SUMO1 antibody available
    note the robust profile obtained compared to another commercial SUMO1 antibody
  • Exceptional specificity: no signal in SUMO1 knockout lane


SUMO1 affinity beads (Cat. # ASM11-beads)

  • The only SUMO1 affinity beads commercially availabe with precise specificity for SUMO1 modified proteins
  • Investigate endogenous SUMO1 modifications for any target protein



Signal-Seeker SUMO1 Detection Kit (Cat. # BK165)

  • The only SUMO1 detection kit available: contains all of the essential components needed for effective SUMO1 detection
  • Perfect for scientists that are new to the SUMOylation field



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Non cumulative with any other discounts, promotions or trade agreements.