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BPS Cell lines - Lower prices for Higher accuracy

Cell lines have become an extremely useful tool for the study of protein interactions, gene activation, and other biological processes in a more physiological system than cell-free assays.

BPS have developed and selected for numerous stable and luciferase reporter cell lines that are applicable for a wide range of research applications:

We have chosen to include BPS Bioscience cell lines in our offer, because they have been extensively validated and are provided with detailed protocols that include instructions for general cell culture and maintenance, as well as example experimental setups.

You'll appreciate the fact that each cell line is tested for viability and biological activity before shipping to ensure valid, reproducible results and to minimize the need for end-user optimization and troubleshooting.

Try before you buy... with the BPS Cell Line Rental program

The BPS cell line rental program is a great way to test products while simultaneously saving valuable research money.

You can rent selected cell lines for 3 months at 50% of the purchase price. After the rental period, you can then either purchase the cell line by paying the remaining 50% of the cost, or the rental period simply ends and you agree to destroy the cell line. 

Give it a try!

The cell line rental program is an excellent option if you're working on a tight budget, or if you're new to BPS and want to test these high quality products.

If you'd like to know which cell lines are available through the cell rental program, contact your local tebu-bio office for full details, we'll be pleased to help.

For more information on BPS cell lines, take 5 minutes to read this these posts on our scientific blog.


Stay tuned! Our cell line portfolio is continually growing and currently includes a number of disease-relevant signaling pathways such as NotchWnt, ARE and many more.