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Easy Single Cell Isolation with Smart Aliquotor

There are 3 popular methods for single cell isolation: serial dilution, micro-manipulation and flow cytometry. None of these are easy or simple, and they often require expertise and experience.

We're pleased to bring you a new solution. Designed to isolate a single cell in a few seconds, it's (quite appropriately) called the Smart Aliquotor.

  • Very easy to use
    All operations are completed only by the most commonly used pipettes
  • Excellent cell compatibility
    Compatible with isolation of cells that have diameters less than 50 µm
  • High yield and viability
    One Smart Aliquotor yields 30-40 single cells, which have high viability
  • Identifiable and selectable
    Each single cell can be easily identified and then selected

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See the Smart Aliquotor in action!