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Buy a Rockland primary antibody and get a free secondary antibody

High quality, validated antibodies for reliability, specificity, and sensitivity

For over 58 years, Rockland has produced and manufactured antibodies and reagents in their USA-based facilities. All Rockland products go through rigorous quality-control testing and multi-assay validation for consistent performance, and guaranteed to give predictable, repeatable results. 

Protect your experiments with Rockland antibodies.

Purchase a full size Rockland primary antibody... Choose your free secondary antibody!

Select from the following Rockland secondary antibodies, including those in the very popular Trueblot range!

To receive your free secondary, be sure to include promotional code DIST-2021Q3GOGO when you order one Rockland primary antibody together with your secondary chosen from the lists provided on this webpage (see bullet points above)

Not valid for sample size primary antibodies, no order limit, but order must be for equal number of primary + secondary antibodies (from the lists provided).
Contact your local tebu-bio office for any queries. Non cumulative with any other offers or discounts. Offer valid up to September 30th 2021.

Like some guidance for choosing your antibodies?

Download the Rockland Product Overview here


Anti-RFP (Rabbit) Anti-GFP (Goat) Anti-SARS-Cov (Mouse)