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New - Quantitated Viral DNA

Advanced Biotechnologies' Quantitated Viral RNA products are destined for use in clinical labs and research facilities requiring RNA extracted from highly-purified virus.

These new viral RNA products contain entire viral genomic RNA extracted from highly-purified virus and are free of host cell contaminants. The RNA is quantitated by digital RT-PCR and packaged as single use vials with room temperature storage, allowing for ease of use and consistent results.

Applications for use include RT-PCR, validation of standard curve, establishment of positive control and other RNA based procedures. Room temperature storage of the product opens the door for clinical research beyond the lab.

Quantitated Viral DNA features

  • Presented dry, in single-use tubes
  • Reconstitute with molecular-grade water (RNase free)
  • Purified RNA
  • Free of host cell contaminants and quantitated by digital RT-PCR
  • Entire viral genomic RNA
  • Amplify any sequence
  • Room temperature shipping and storage
  • Non-infectious


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