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EndoFectin Max transfection reagent

EndoFectin Max by GeneCopoeia at tebu-bio.comDiscover one single transfection reagent for protein production, gene Knock-Down (KD) or Knock-Out (KO), cell-based assay development and high-throughput applications such as loss of function with sgRNA librairies.

EndoFectin™ Max benefits

  • High efficiency and cheaper than the Lipofectamine series
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • More convenient - no need to remove serum

EndoFectin™ Max has been validated on numerous cell types and also helps with hard-to-transfect cells.


Offer valid up to May 31st, 2018 - for more information please contact your local tebu-bio office.
Non-cumulative with any other discounts, special offers or price agreements.