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IL34 Cytokine & Growth Factor by PeproTech

By A2-33 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia CommonsInterleukin-34 is a homodimeric cytokine. This cytokine is known to be  expressed in a broad range of tissues (spleen, heart, brain, liver, kidney, lung, colon..) and binds to the Colony Stimulating Factor-1 Receptor (CSF1-R or C-FMS), which also binds to CSF-1 (a.k.a. M-CSF).

IL-34 specifically binds CD14+ monocytes and thus ensure their survival and proliferation. It also stimulates macrophage colony formation by human bone marrow cells.

IL-34, like human CSF-1, stimulates phosphorylation of MAPK1/ERK2 and MAPK3/ERK1.

PeproTECH's Rec. Human IL-34 for research applications

PeproTECH's recombinant IL-34 (a.k.a. Interleukin-34 or C16orf77) is produced in HEK 293 cells and possesses purity ≥ 95% (SDS-PAGE gel & HPLC).

Each lot is tested and 100% guaranteed, biological Activity is measured by the ability to induce secretion of MCP-1 from PBMCs.

This recombinant Human IL-34 (cat. nr 200-34) is a 52.5 kDa homodimeric glycoprotein consisting of 460 amino acid residues, including a C-terminal His-Tag is ideal for studying in vitro studies of inflammation, bone / cartilage biology and for cancer research.


PeproTECH’s Human recombinant M-CSF

M-CSF (a.k.a. Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor, CSF-1, MGI-IM) is a potent hematopoietic factor produced by a variety of cells. It is a key regulator of cellular proliferation, differentiation, and survival for blood monocytes, tissue macrophages, and their respective progenitor cells.

This CSF facilitates hematopoietic recovery after bone marrow transplantation. Human M-CSF is reactive in murine systems, but the murine molecule exhibits no activity on human cells.

PeproTECH's recombinant Human M-CSF is a 36.8 kDa homodimeric protein consisting of two 159 amino acid polypeptide subunits and is produced in E.coli. The purity obtained is ≥ 98% by SDS-PAGE gel and HPLC. Biological activity (ED50) is determined by the dose-dependent stimulation of the proliferation of murine M-NSF-60 cells ≤ 1 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of ≥ 1 x 106 units/mg.


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Image by A2-33 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons