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Get 15% off ELISAs and Antibodies by Assay Biotech


Assay Biotech offers ELISAs for thousands of intra- and extracellular protein targets including but not limited to cytokines, growth factors and receptors as well as phosphorylated and other modified proteins. Each product is provided as ready-to-use and has been tested for use with various experimental samples and conditions.


Assay Biotech offer over 10,000 highly specific primary antibodies against targets implicated in various cellular processes such as cell adhesion, cancer, cell cycle, apoptosis, vesicle trafficking, signal transduction and macromolecular biosynthesis... Each antibody is produced in rabbits using synthetic immunogen peptides and purified via immunogen-specific affinity chromatography.



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Mention promotional code 15OFFSALE-207-042018 on your order or discount to apply. Offer valid up to April 30th, 2018 for Assay Biotech ELISA kits and Antibodies. Does not include dyes and quenchers by Assay Biotech. Non-cumulative with any other discounts or price agreements. For full information, contact your local tebu-bio office.