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Expression-ready ORF clones

All Human, Mouse and Rat Opened Reading Frame (ORF) are provided in +200 vectors, ready for the expression of your protein of interest in your preferred model.

  • Mammalian cell types
  • Insect cells
  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Cell-free


Find what you need - easily

  1. Enter the gene name or its accession number in this search engine.
  2. Select a product, and find the vector of your preference.

Expression vectors can bring tags to the proteins of interest, such as FLAG, GFP, YFP, mCHerry, AVI, 3xHA and many more.

Receive a free gift... for optimal delivery

As delivery of the vector is a key step for success, simply mention code 2018Q1ORF to receive a free 100ul vial of Polyjet* for each ORF expression clone ordered up to the end of March.

Polyjet has been validated over +80 cell types and is highly affordable, making it most certainly the most versatile and competitive transfection reagent and an excellent tool for molecular and cell biology. Notably, it advantageously replaces the Fugene and Lipofectamine series.

Biodegradable after endocytosis, it ensures high performance of transfection without cytotoxicity.

Don't hesitate to ask... there's even more

Contact us for customization, cloning, and viral production services (AAV, Adenovirus, Lentiviral particles) and protein production. Dimitri Szymczak, our Technical Service manager will be pleased to suggest the optimal solutions for your needs.


Offer valid up to March 31st,2018 - for more information contact your local tebu-bio office.
Mention promo code
2018Q1ORF to receive a free vial of PolyJet (cat.nr. SL100688-01 - 0.1ml) with your order for an ORF expression clone. Non-cumulative with any other discounts, special offers or price agreements.