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Immune Checkpoint assays

Major regulators of Immune activation, Immune checkpoints are currently the most promising targets in Immunotherapy and Drug development, due to their involvement in cancer and various diseases. Fuelled by promising clinical results in Immune checkpoint research field, scientists nevertheless face challenges such as resistance to treatment, and the complexity of the Immune system and tumour microenvironment.

To help you overcome these obstacles, you can rely on a combination of Biochemical and Cellular reporter assays to identify and validate drug candidates on a broad range of ligand-receptor couple immune checkpoints:

There are also many others (LAG3,  SIRPα, BTLA, TCT,  CD137 / CD27 ).

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Use these popular Immune Checkpoint Assays in your research

In drug discovery research, combining classical Biochemical Assays with Cell Based Assays increases your understanding by obtaining more accurate and physiological results in a cellular context.

  • Complement and confirm biochemical results
  • Distinguish agonist versus antagonistic binding effect of your target compared to Biochemical assays
  • Study in a cellular context with whole cell signalling pathway
  • Increase your rate of success in identifying new drug treatment candidates

Gain more insight on these Immune Checkpoint cell based assays - download the poster "Methods for Drug Discovery Through Biochemical and Cell Based Assays for Immunotherapy Checkpoint Activators and Inhibitors" presented by BPS Bioscience at the Immuno-Oncology Summit in Boston (2017).

Download the poster here

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