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New, easier to use Skin Cells from perfectly characterised iPSC

Pluripotent Stem Cells for improved human sebocytes - Phenocell at tebu-bio.com

We are pleased to introduce these new, interesting, and easier to use skin cells derived from perfectly characterized iPS cells, highly relevant for your skin-related research (eg. drug development, cosmetology...).

Expression of the two Sebocyte markers:
MUC1 - expressed in more than 80% of cells;
KRT7 - expressed in 80% of cells

Sebocytes, Melanocyes or Keratinocytes

Reprogrammed from perfectly characterized iPS cells, available in three phototypes:

  • Caucasian (Phototype: III - IV)
  • Asian (Phototype: IV – V)
  • African (Phototype: VI)

The differentiation process is standardized with less batch to batch variability, no genetic differences between each lot (comparison to primary cells), providing easier access to big amount of functional skin cell models.

Save time and Resources

  • No more need for skin sourcing, difficult reprogramming and differentiation steps
  • Optimized culturing media for an easier use (thaw and culturing) of these functional somatic cells

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Frédéric Samazan takes a closer look at some results and how to use these skin cells.

Pluripotent stem cells for improved reprogrammed Human Sebocytes

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