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Robust, convenient affordable tool for your drug drug interaction studies

TRANSiPORT Cells are HEK293 cells transiently over-expressing FDA approved transporters.

Each vial contains 7 million cells designed for one 24-well plate for single use.

TRANSiPORT HEK293 transporter cells for drug drug interaction studies - tebu-bioBenefits of TRANSiPORT

  • EMA, FDA and ITC recommended transporters
    • P-gp, BCRP, OATP1B1, OATP1B3, OAT1, OAT3, and OCT2
    • MATE1 and MATE2-K
  • High cell viability (>90%)
  • Thaw, plate and assay the cells in just 2 days
  • Low lot-to-lot variations

Human OATP1B1 Uptake of E2-17betaG

Why use TRANSiPORT cells for your drug-drug interaction studies?

  • No need for cell counting (20% change in cell density does not affect activity)
  • No extra license fees (patent already included for OATP1B1 and MATE1/2K)
  • Regular cell culture conditions
  • Cell layer quality maintained after 24 hours

TRANSiPORT HEK293 cells for drug drug interaction studies - tebu-bioInterested in learning more?

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