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SiR-DNA for Live Cell Imaging

SiR (Silicon Rhodamine-like) technology greatly improves Live Cell Imaging

SiR-DNA is currently one of the best options to label DNA. The number of publications citing the SiR probes is constantly growing.

  • Live cell imaging and fluorescence microscopy with SiR-DNA probes.Easy to use
    • Non-toxic - cells can be re-used
    • Soluble - no need for transfection or over-expression
    • Highly specific
    • For use on various kinds of fixed or living cells
  • Far red excitation/emission (λabs of 652 nm and a λem of 674 nm)
    • Decrease in sample auto fluorescence
    • Compatible with dual colour imaging - GFP/mCherry/SiR700 fluorescence
  • Highly compatible
    • All fluorescent microcopes
    • Super resolution microscopy

There are a variety of SiR probes available for live cell imaging and fluorescence microscopy: SiR-Actin & SiR700 actin, SiR-tubulin & SiR700 tubulin, SiR-Lysosome....  you're sure to find one suited to your research needs!

Full range of SiR probes

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