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Convenient and reliable analysis tool for direct and sandwich ELISA

"What is the best method for data analysis?"

Our team of technical specialists is on-hand to suggest and advise the best ELISA kits among our offer of over 10 000 assays and kits.

There are a number of often asked questions around this topic, which can be resumed into the single one above, i.e. which method can (or should) you choose to analyse your data?

One file for fast and accurate protein quantification

In response, Dimitri Szymczak PhD (Product Specialist at tebu-bio), has built an analysis tool that includes all the formulas and the method, based on 4PL and 5PL regression.

Simply enter the raw data (OD) and the 4PL and 5PL parameters (provided by scanner software or GraphPad for example), to obtain the final concentrations of your favourite analytes.

Download your free ELISA data analysis file here