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New Human stable cell lines expressing high-fidelity Cas9

Kleinstiver et al (Nature 2016) designed SpCas9-HF1, a high-fidelity variant of SpCas9. The authors showed with genome-wide break capture and targeted sequencing methods that SpCas9-HF1 retains on-target activities comparable to wild-type SpCas9 and with undetectable off-target events.

A new high-fidelity CAS9-expression HEK293 cell line has been established by GeneCopoeia. Thanks to their Safe-Habor technology, they have inserted the following construct into the safe AAVS1 site of HEK293 cells.

CAS9-expression HEK293 cell line benefits

  • Easy to track thanks to eGFP expression
  • Simple to grow under Hygromycin
  • Clean, no random integration in the genome

Other CAS9-expressing cell lines

  • Convenient ready-to-use cell lines
  • Human, Mouse and Rat

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