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3D cell culture & co-culture: innovative biochip for in vivo like conditions

3D cell culture: AIM Biotech's innovative biochip to mimick in vivo like modelsTest our new and easy to use platform for a more physiologically relevant model
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In comparison to 3D cell culture models, traditional 2D cell culture platforms don’t offer the capacity to investigate the extracellular microenvironment, whereas in life sciences research it is essential to obtain more biologicall and physiologically relevant models.

3D cell culture: AIM Biotech's innovative biochip to mimick in vivo like models

With the 3D cell culture Chip (DAX system) by AIM Biotech, you will benefit from a modular microfluidic platform for 3D cell co-culture, with the capability to monitor the cellular dynamics in response to tuned microenvironment.


3D cell culture: Endothelial cell formation structure - AIM Biotecg at tebu-bioInnovative platform features

  • Easy-to-use 3 channel platforms for 2D-3D co-culture
  • Biochip compatible with all kinds of hydrogels
  • Easily apply Interstitial/shear flow and chemical gradient
  • Optically clear platform: Compatible with most Microscopy technics
  • Useful for a large range of application: Co-culture model, Cell Migration & Chemotaxis, Cancer Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Vascular Functions…

The combination of all the above advantages makes the AIM Biotech 3D cell culture chip one of the most complete microfluidics systems for your 3D cell culture and physiological studies.

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