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Ultra sensitive detection of pathway signalling events

Signal-Seeker kits help you to discover new signal pathway events involving dynamic protein modifications such as ubiquitination, acetylation, SUMOylation and phosphorylation.

The power of Signal-Seeker™ kits lies in their optimized reagents which enables sub-nanogram detection levels of protein modifications, and the BLASTR™ buffer system that allows you to utilize a single extract to examine different protein modification changes.

New IF Tools for Acetyl lysine detection by Cytoskeleton at tebu-bio.com

Signal-Seeker advantages

  • Unparalleled sensitivity due to optimized kit reagents
  • Discover and publish novel regulatory mechanisms
  • Confirm transfection & proteomic results with endogenous data
  • Examine protein modification crosstalk

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Interested in learning more about these tools?

Utilization of newly developed mouse monoclonal anti-acetyl lysine antibodies in western blot and immunoprecipitation applications
by Cytoskeleton Inc.

"We have recently developed two mouse monoclonal anti-acetyl lysine (Ac-K) antibodies that have demonstrated excellent ability in enriching acetylated proteins from cell and tissue extracts. The antibodies were raised against a proprietary mixture of acetylated proteins designed to optimize acetyl lysine recognition..."

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Brochures - read more about all the Signal-Seeker kits

Signal Seeker kit for mono- and poly-ubiquitin UBD detection

Signal Seeker kit for Acetyl-Lysine detection and visualization

Signal Seeker kit for endogenous SUMO 2/3 detection



Video - Understand how Signal-Seeker detection kits work

Watch the peer-reviewed methodology video on JoVE:

"Utilizing a Comprehensive Immunoprecipitation Enrichment System to Identify an Endogenous Post-translational Modification Profile for Target Proteins"

Investigating multiple, endogenous post-translational modifications for a target protein can be extremely challenging. Techniques described here utilize an optimized lysis buffer and filter system developed with specific PTM-targeting, affinity matrices to detect the acetylation, ubiquitination, SUMOylation 2/3, and tyrosine phosphorylation modifications for a target protein using a single, streamlined system.