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Tools for your Actin Discovery

Powerful Actin visualisation tools

Get some of the most purest, most biologically active and relevant actin proteins.

Use actin probes in fixed cells (Acti-stain fluorescent phalloidins) to visualise the exquisite detail of the cytoskeleton. For example: Rho activators such as Cat. # CN03 create actin stress fibers (Image 1) whereas the Rac Activator Cat. # CN04 causes peripheral actin staining in ruffles as shown in Image 2.

Choose your Actin tools and benefit from our summer offer

The protein range includes actins from skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, platelet (non-muscle beta isoform) and fluorescent and biotin derivatives of actin.

The kits are used for actin polymerization, binding and fixed and live cell staining. The popular Acti-stain probes are used to label cells in many fields of biological research, and the myosin/actin thin filaments are used in heart related research and drug discovery.

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