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Cytoskeleton tools - Get 15% discount


Do you know the G-LISA, Acti-Stain, G-switch, MemGlow assays...?

Take the opportunity to order some of your favourite Cytoskeleton products, or to try something new for 2023!

  • Pulldown Activation Assays
  • Biochem Kits
  • G-LISA kits
  • Acti-Stain kits
  • MemGlow kits...

Order one or more items from this selection of popular products, and get 15% discount

Some popular items included in this offer...


*Offer valid up to February 24th, 2023 - mention promo code 027C123 on your order to benefit from this discount.
Valid for items selected from the list accessible via the link provided.
For more information or to order, please contact your local Tebubio office.

Non-cumulative with any other discounts, special offers or price agreements.