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Prothermal - Protect and Preserve

Prevent proliferation of microorganisms

Prothermal is a unique formulation with active agents to maintain the quality of your waterbath and prolong the lifespan of equipment.

  • Protect your water-based cooling or heatable baths from algae, mould, bacteria
  • Prevent your precious biological samples from contamination
  • Prevent development of odour
  • Prevent deposit of calcium and heavy metals

How do I use it?

It's easy... Just add 2-3 ml of Prothermal per 1 liter of demineralized water and fill up the water tank.
That's it - your waterbath is protected for 4-8 weeks!

How do I know when it's time to change the water?

Again... it's easy - Prothermal initially colours the water blue. When this colour turns to green or fades away, it's time to change the water after cleaning the water tank. And don't forget to...