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Actin Proteins and Kits - Summer Offer

Boost your actin-based research with our special offer

Take this opportunity to access highly pure, highly biologically active and most relevant proteins.

  • Fixed and Live Cell fluorescent probes
  • Polymerization Assays
  • Binding Assays
  • Pure, active proteins
Select two items from the list below, pay one at the normal price,
get 50% discount off the second one of equal or lesser value.

Simply mention promotional code 2019027-C4 on your order for discount to apply.
Offer valid up to September 6th, 2019


Fluorescent Phalloidins

  • Acti-stain™ 488 phalloidin (cat. nr PHDG1-A)
  • Acti-stain™ 555 phalloidin (cat. nr PHDH1-A)
  • Acti-stain™ 535 phalloidin (Rhodamine phalloidin) (cat. nr PHDR1)
  • Acti-stain™ 670 phalloidin (cat. nr PHDN1-A)


Actin Biochem kits - ready-to-use assays

  • Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Biochem Kit - Rb skeletal muscle (cat. nr BK001)
  • Actin Polymerization Assay Biochem Kit, Fluorescence-based (cat. nr BK003)
  • F-actin Visualization Biochem Kit, Fluorescence-based (cat. nr BK005)
  • Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Biochem Kit - Hu platelet (cat. nr BK013)
  • G-Actin/F-actin In Vivo Assay Biochem Kit (cat. nr BK037)

High purity Actin research products

  • Anti ACTIN human (cat. nr AAN01)
  • Biotin conjugated (cat. nr AB07)
  • >99% pure (cat. nr AD99)
  • Pre-formed filaments (cat. nr AKF99)
  • >95% pure (cat. nr AKL95) or >99% pure (cat. nr AKL99)
  • >99% pure (cat. nr APHL99)
  • Rhodamine labeled (cat. nr APHR)
  • Pyrene labeled (cat. nr AP05)
  • Anti PROFILIN Human (cat. nr APUF01)
  • Rhodamine labeled(cat. nr AR05)
  • >99% pure (cat. nr AS99)
  • General Actin Buffer (cat. nr BSA01)
  • Actin Polymerizaton Buffer (cat. nr BSA02)
  • ATP (cat. nr BSA04)
  • Cofilin Human (cat. nr CF01)
  • Heavy Meromysoin Protein (HMM Fragment) (cat. nr CS-MH03)
  • Myosin S1 Fragment (Cardiac), Bovine cardiac (cat. nr CS-MYS03)
  • Myosin S1 Fragment (Skeletal), Rabbit skeletal (cat. nr CS-MYS04)
  • Myosin S1 Frament (Smooth), Chicken gizzard (cat. nr CS-MYS05)
  • Cardiac thin Filament Complex (cat. nr CS-TFC01)
  • Tropomyosin/Tropomodulin Complex, Bovine cardiac (cat. nr CS-TT05)
  • Gelsolin Human (cat. nr HPG6)
  • Heavy Meromyosin Rabbit (cat. nr MH01)
  • Myosin Rabbit skeletal muscle (cat. nr MY02)
  • Myosin Bovine (cat. nr MY03)
  • Profilin 1 (recombinant human no tag) (cat. nr PR02)

  • Arp2/3 protein complex: porcine brain (cat. nr RP01P)
  • WASP VCA Human GST (cat. nr VCG03-A)